About the Region

Located in Canada on the eastern side of Prince Edward Island, Points East Coastal Drive is 475 kilometres (295 miles) of scenic roadways, small towns, picturesque landscape, and endless opportunities to stop and explore.

Perhaps what you will feel most strongly when you travel through Points East Coastal Drive is a peaceful, old-world quality.

It’s here, away from the crowds and amusement parks that you will best experience what really personifies island living – the rural charm of small communities, friendly locals, and diverse natural beauty.

And what a beauty it is—spectacular beaches, lines of cultivated fields stretching to ocean cliff edges; cool, fragrant forests; white farmhouses with laundry blowing in the breeze; a beckoning stretch of red dirt road that leads to a serene country destination; the clear blue waters of the Northumberland Strait and Prince Edward Island’s most picturesque fishing harbours.

All the while you’ll breathe in the fresh air that is an intoxicating mix of wild rose bushes and the salt of the sea.

Safe, friendly, and easy to get to, Points East Coastal Drive offers visitors more than a vacation to Prince Edward Island – it offers a chance to get away from it all while feeling a bit like you’ve finally come home.