Eastern Bays Discovery Drive

Nature at its finest is the key to this 73km section. The Souris, Fortune and Boughton Rivers have created a series of bays separating woodlands, farms, and coastlines. Visitors can enjoy woodland horse trails, and scenic vistas. The “sheds” for lobster fishermen capture the eye and often each fishing village provides a different design – visit Annadale Wharf’s colourful sheds.

Eastern Bays Discovery Drive (Cardigan to Rollo Bay)

Communities include : Cardigan North, Seal River, Newport, DeGros Marsh, Launching, St. Georges, Bridgetown, Poplar Point, Annandale, Little Pond, Howe Bay, Eglington, and Fortune Bridge.

Attractions include: Acadian settlement is recognized at Fortune Monument, St. Alexis Church Bell at Rollo Bay and the Rollo Bay cemetery; Parks (Sally’s Beach Provincial Park, Launching Point and Bay Fortune Day Parks); beaches (Launching Pt., Annandale, Sally’s, Bay Fortune); harbours and wharfs (Launching Pt, Annandale, Bay Fortune). There are also some wonderful restaurants in the area featuring both food from land and sea.

Activities include: Photography, birding, clam-digging, and cycling. Bridgetown hosts a Hiking Trail, Forest Hill Horse Trail and a 12.5km Water Trail on the Boughton River for canoeing or kayaking.

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