Drive through a tunnel in the forest on one of the finest scenic heritage roads. This inviting little red road shows off hardwoods, interspersed with softwood to form a brilliant green “tunnel of trees.”  On the eastern side of this charming clay road, a demonstration woodlot adds an educational aspect as well as artistic appeal.

Northeast of Souris, the section of the New Harmony Road (Rte. 303) runs from the Greenvale Road to Rte. 304 for a distance of 1.2 km. Today the road is a scenic shortcut between the north and south shores.

This road will leave you feeling like you've passed back in time. Once a thriving agriculture community where French, Irish, English and Scottish nationalities settled, most of the farmland has been reclaimed by woodland. During the prohibition its remoteness made it a prized location for rumrunners to hide illegal hooch unloaded from boats lying off the shore.

Not the best choice in early spring or after a good downpour, as the red clay roads will turn to soup.

  • Type: Outdoor Fun , Parks, Trails & Gardens, Scenic Heritage Drives
  • Open: All year


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