One of the most intriguing natural sites in the country - CBC. With a beach that sings, Basin Head is world renowned for nine miles of magnificent white sand. In addition to “singing sands,” another draw is "the run" making it the beach of choice for teenagers. Basin Head Beach, PEI  A boardwalk provides access to the beach. Walk across the bridge which spans the very popular run. Lifeguards are on duty from late June until September 1. There are outdoor showers at the beach area and change rooms and washroom facilities in the upper area, by the museum.

The site overlooks the Northumberland Strait.  For more solitude, walk the endless expanse of white sand to Bothwell Beach. Capture the beauty in photos while enjoying the sounds of the surf and shore birds.

Singing Sands, PEIFisheries Museum:
Take a tour of the Basin Head Fisheries Museum situated on the bluff overlooking the Northumberland strait. The museum tells the story of the inshore fishery, lighthouses, fog stations and shipwrecks through artifacts, exhibits, displays, dioramas and its numerous equipment. Video’s and DVD’s are played on small boat building, fishing, processing and stories from earlier fishermen telling their fishing experiences. One of seven provincial heritage sites run by the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation. Passports to all seven provincial sites are available. Purchase a souvenir in their gift shop.

The museum is open daily 9-5 throughout the season. Individual, school and group admission is charged.

Day Park:
Stroll the board walk to gift shops and take out restaurant. Enjoy the gazebo, rest and picnic areas and take in some of the on going site events. Volleyball nets and a children’s play village enhance the experience.  While not open to the public, the Cannery at Basin Head is a provincially Designated Heritage Place.  Enjoying a refreshing treat from the "ice cream scoop". The Provincial Day Park has free admission. Sing Sands, Basin Head Park PEI

A Marine Protected Area:
The tidal lagoon behind the dunes is habitat for a variety of Giant Irish Moss called Chondrus crispus. This is the only place in the world that it is found. To protect the unique strain of Giant Irish Moss and its habitat, the Basin Head watershed is designated a Marine Protected Area.

This particular strain of Irish Moss called Chondrus crispus, is also referred to as Giant Moss. It is distinctive because it has a unique life cycle, does not attach to the bottom and is significantly larger than the normal plant found elsewhere. In addition, it has a higher concentration of carrageen, a stabilizing and thickening agent used in many household products.

This is a place that you don’t want to miss.

Canadian travel website has named Basin Head Provincial Park the best beach in Canada in 2016 

Basin Head Beach was choosen as "Best of the East" in a survey of top spots in Prince Edward Island by loyal readers of Progress Magazine.
January / February 2007 Progress

Basin Head beach was given a nomination by CBC viewers as one of the most intriguing natural sites in the country. The CBC wrote on its website..."Walking along the beautiful white sand produces an interesting sound....akin to singing, or some would say squeaking."
2007 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

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