Gatherings with Friends/Family at Siren’s Beach Motel 2021 Package!

We are the Perfect Place for you to get away with Friends and Family! Adult Package!

If you are looking for a True East Coast Experience with a Twist, Siren’s makes the Perfect Fit!

We are Adorable, Recommended and all Beach with Themed Accommodations Open Now!

We are located on a beautiful white sand beach. We are located next to a working Harbor!

We offer quiet and total relaxation….All Beach All the Time!  Restaurant & Two Foodie’s!

Just a ten minute drive to Elliott’s for all necessities. At Siren’s take in both Sunrise & Sunsets!

All of the above in a Beautiful Community at North Lake sits


Gathering Package Details

Book for 2 Nights with Friends for 6 Persons!

Book 3 rooms your choice of available rooms!

Enjoy a decadent outdoor picnic at “Food with a View, Red Neil’s” Local Wine & Brew!

A 4 hour Cruise at Sea with friends to whale watch just steps to Harbor!

Complimentary Beach Fire-Pit with wood, starter & S ‘mores!

Complimentary beach chairs at your doorstep!

All included above, specially packaged as a group rate. $1600.00 + HST = $1840.00 

Gratuities not included.  


Siren's Beach Motel

7 Cape Road

North Lake, Prince Edward Island - Canada

Tel: 902-357-2228

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