Check out the rolling hills and red clay soil of this quiet back road. Experience a classic country drive. Uphill and down, the Klondyke is bordered by sugar maple, birch and spruce. Foxes, squirrels, raccoons, and hares have a secure habitat amid the trees and underbush.  The Klondyke Road travels for 4.9 km in an east-west direction from the Selkirk Road (Rte. 23) south of Iona, to the Murray Harbour Road (Rte. 24).

Sawmills and homesteads of the early 1900s became the scene of rum running during the prohibition of the 1920’s and 30’s! Under the cover of darkness, the rumrunners would steal along the darkened road hiding their contraband in a secure place. A rag would be tied to a tree indicating the hiding spot.

Not the best choice in early spring or after a good downpour, as the red clay roads will turn to soup.

  • Type: Scenic Heritage Drives
  • Open: All year


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