Bluefin Tuna fishing off the coasts of Prince Edward Island & Nova Scotia is the ultimate in big game fishing. Whether you are a first time angler or the most experienced fisherman, we accommodate all groups, ensuring a once in a lifetime experience!

These giant Bluefin’s concentrate off our home port of North Lake, PEI, on our boats “The Tuna Clipper” & “White Water”. Every summer and fall, anglers from around the world come to test themselves against the Giant Bluefin Tuna, one of the fastest and most powerful fish in the sea.

The Bruce Brothers team brings years of experience to bear on the great challenge of battling a Bluefin Tuna. They are a driven & motivated fleet, with a proven record of success.

Troy and Jamie are fourth-generation fisherman, who grew up on the waters of PEI. Learning to fish multiple species from their father, grand father, and uncles who make up one of the largest fishing families in Prince Edward Island. 


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