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How to Use Facebook Insights and Analytics to Boost Your Social Media Strategy

November 27th, 2020 

Every business owner should have a Facebook business page... if you don't … go do that now! It's a valuable & FREE avenue to find potential customers. The more you put into it, the greater value it becomes. 

Do you have a Facebook Business Page, but have never seen your Insights before?
This link is for you!

For those who have seen their Facebook Insights before, but don't know how to process the information
This link is for you!

There are so many important things to note in your Insights > Like who and where your main demographic is, what times of day they are most often online (and likely to engage with your content), page views, posts reach, engagement & more! To start off, look at when your audience is most active on Facebook and arrange your posts to go out at that time of day. You may be surprised how many more likes/comments you receive! 


Instagram Insights & Business Profile

December 4, 2020

Last week, I gave information about how to use Facebook Insights and Analytics to Boost your social media presence. This week is similar, but were going to focus on Instagram. 

Instagram is a widely used platform for the Millennial/ GenX, if they are a part of your target demographic, you should have a business Instagram account. You can even set up your accounts so that if you post on Instagram, it automatically goes to Facebook too.. Cross-posting, its convenient.

Instagram Insights is a native analytics tool that provides data on follower demographics and actions, as well as your content. This information makes it easy to compare content, measure campaigns, and see how individual posts are performing. To access Instagram Insights, you need a business account.

Convert Instagram to Business Profile

Create a Facebook Business Profile for the same persona if you haven't already.

Make sure your Instagram profile is public. Private profiles cannot be used as business ones.

Go to your profile and tap the gearshift wheel icon to visit your settings.

Tap Switch to Business Profile.

When prompted, select the Facebook Page you want to be associated with your Instagram profile. (cross posting!)

Review and change any contact information on the Set Up Your Business Profile page.

Tap Done.

Once your account is a business profile > Click this link to find out how to use Instagram Insights 



Facebook Pages: Call-to-action Buttons 

Janurary 8, 2021

Facebook business pages are an important destination for people on Facebook, and there's always new ways for people to interact with businesses through them. Call-to-action buttons help drive business objectives. Designed to bring a business’s most important objective to the forefront of its Facebook presence, call-to-action buttons link to any destination on or off Facebook that aligns with a business’s goals. 
For example, a restaurants call-to-action button would make sense to be Call Now, or View our Menu. Points East Coastal Drive just updated their Facebook call-to-action button to our Online Shopping tab on our website during December, and we just switched it to Learn More, to direct people to our website after the holidays. 

Page admins can select from a group of call-to-action buttons — like Shop Now or Sign Up — to add to the top of their Page, helping navigate your followers to your most important information.  Update yours now, and see the difference!  

Click here to learn how to change your Call - to- Action Buttons


Facebook & Instagram Creator Studio

January 15, 2021

Have you ever been bogged down with the social media game? It takes time and dedication to provide daily content to your followers, and not all business owners have free times to sit down during a busy day to do so. 

Have you ever wish that you could simple schedule a week or months worth or content, lock it in, and walk away? You can! But in the past there was only paid programs like Hootsuite, Feedly & Buffer, that would have a monthly/yearly fee. Not super reasonable for small business owners if you ask us. Well now, Facebook got tired of the third party hosting sites, and announced for FREE > The Creator Studio! 

Creator Studio is a one-stop social media content management tool within Facebook that helps creators and publishers manage their content, track performance, and connect meaningfully with their audiences on Facebook and Instagram. Think of it as a powerful desktop hub. Creator Studio is for organizing and managing your page’s content, but most importantly for the busy small business owner > SCHEDULING POSTS!  It’s a content hub for uploading, scheduling, publishing, monitoring, and tracking all of your content. This social media manager, swears by it! 

A lot of marketers might not even know that Creator Studio is available to them. Many are still using third-party tools to manage, schedule, and track content. But if all you care about is Instagram and Facebook, you don’t really need any other tools. 

Click here to discover the best time-management tool for social media > Creator Studio!


Set Up Social Media Content Calendar

Janurary 22, 2021

There is a saying - failing to plan is planning to fail.

No matter what you do - without planning you are going to fail in social media marketing! So, use social media content calendar tools to organize and publish all your content timely and efficiently. 

Content calendars also help to distribute resources effectively, improve team collaboration and give a more in-depth understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Consider the following example:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a huge opportunity for merchants to increase their sales using social media. At that time of the year, you will be required to run a number of campaigns to maximize engagement and sales from channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc. That will only happen when you’ve carefully laid out a content posting calendar.

Let’s have a look at the top social media calendar tools you must try to manage your content in a better way.
Please note all of these are paid programs with the exception of Google Drive. 


6 Epic Instagram Story Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Janurary 29, 2021

Getting tired of hearing the same advice over and over again? Generic tips like “be consistent”, “follow a theme”, “engage with your audience”. We know. And we feel the same way. So we collected some of the best secret non-cliché Instagram hacks out there that we could find. Tricks that Instagram-savvy profiles are well aware of but never actually reveal. Curious? Keep on reading.

The possibilities on Instagram for brands and users are endless. You can run awareness ads, display your products or features for your followers, and inspire action with your brand directly from the app. The platform also has multiple built-in ways to interact directly with your brand through comments and direct messages. But one of the most powerful features for your Instagram strategy?

Instagram Stories.

Since Instagram added the Stories format back in 2016, there have been many additions and releases that have allowed users to flex their creative muscles for better branding and better engagement.

Today, I’m bringing you my six all-time-favorite Instagram Story hacks, all the way from some more basic design features to advanced and lesser-known features:

What are the basic features on the stories

Optimize your image for the required size

Customize with color

Experiment with fonts

Try Instagram’s fun accessories

Repost Instagram Stories 

Let’s get started. Click here learn 6 Epic Instagram Story Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner


9 Social Media Trends Predicted for 2021

February 5, 2021


As we wrapped up 2020, one thing was certain: We've spent a lot of time on social media last year.

But, our increased connection to social media isn't at all shocking in the midst of a pandemic.

In March, as countries implemented stay-at-home orders due to the global pandemic, Statista reported a 21% uptick in monthly social media usage.

Throughout the year, consumers have not only continued to use social channels to catch up with loved ones, but they've also embraced them for product research, the latest news coverage, and hours of mindless entertainment. 

Now, as the world hits 3.6 Billion Social Media users and continues to deal with the pandemic, brands aren't just wondering how they'll engage huge social media audiences next year. They're also asking, "What social media trends should I expect in this constantly changing landscape?"

Below, I've found a list of nine expert or research-backed trends social media marketers should watch or leverage in 2021.

  • Brands will continue to take a 'less is more' posting approach. 
  • Content value will beat production quality.
  • Conversational marketing will change its tone.
  • Consumers will crave snackable content.
  • Video will continue to take center stage.
  • More brands will go live.
  • Social media platforms could double as shopping channels.
  • Users will embrace gaming and VR.
  • Authenticity will be vital.

Click here to dig into this article and explore these nine predicted trends for 2021


The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags

February 12, 2021

Facebook & Instagram #hashtags are an effective way to get more eyes (and engagement!) on your posts in 2021. Since launching our Social Media Training Sessions in early February, I've noticed a trend of our members not understanding what # Hashtags are or how to use them. Thats why I'm here to help!

A post with at least one hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag. So it really is worth creating a hashtag strategy for your brand if you want to grow your account!

This ultimate guide to hashtags will help you understand everything you need to know about using hashtags to get more followers, improve your engagement rate, and build a community around your business.

Have you ever wondered what the local #hashtags are? Here's a list of all relevant and current tourism related #hashtags that this social media coordinator uses daily for exposure. Try using these >
#tourismpei #welcomepei #explorepei #canadanice #peinice #tourismcounts #cbcpei #activateourisland #maritimebest #lovelocalpei #pointseastcoastaldrive #supportsmallbusiness

Pro Tip : Copy and paste that list into your Notepad on your phone for easy #hashtag access, edit and adjust to your own demographic as you expand your knowledge! 

Ready to learn how to use hashtags strategically? We bet you are! Click the link here to dig in! #learning


3 Big Social Media Marketing Tips for 2021

March 5, 2021

These might be the simplest yet most impactful social media tips I've ever shared. I'm sharing the following tips with you under the assumption that you already know who your ideal client or demographic is. As a quick reminder, your ideal client is someone whom you love working with and can be identified by certain demographic information, such as their location, profession, housing type, income, interests, and family status. Once you've done that, you can market your business much more easily on social media and can consider implementing these tips:

1 | The sooner you join a new social media platform, the higher your chances of gaining a viral following.

The users who hopped on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube when each publisher was in its infancy gained massive followings with nowhere near the effort you and I put in today. The same is true of any other new(er) social platform. If you are interested in building an audience of your ideal clients on a new social platform in addition to FB and IG, you have quite a few options. As with any social platform, you'll need to do some research to see if your ideal client is already using it or at least weigh the possibility that they will begin using it.

Hubspot has a decent list of newer social platforms to consider here. 

2 | If you want to continue with FB and IG, you need to know about Facebook Business Suite/ Creator Studio.

Facebook Business Suite & Creator Studio is available to all business Facebook users.. You may or may not have accessed it yet, but in your dropdown menu in your business page, you should easily be able to locate it. . If you do, you can use it to schedule FB and IG posts in advance, compare how well the same post is doing on both platforms, and gain easier access to how your accounts are growing overall.

3 | The hashtag game is changing - again!

For the longest time, I've been a proponent of using 20 hashtags on Instagram & Facebook for best visibility.. Now that Creator Studio allows us to schedule the same post for both platforms, it is becoming evident that the exact same posts (from captions to hashtags) will do well on both platforms. The big marketing and social media influencers have, by and large, reduced the number of hashtags they are using from 30 to as few as 3 or 4. Some settle in the middle with 11. It is becoming clear that it is more important to have a mere handful of relevant hashtags on your Facebook and Instagram posts versus maxing out the 30 tags on Instagram with a variety of topics.

The primary 3-4 hashtags you should be using are...

What you do (#interiordesign OR #homestaging OR #somethingelse)

What your photo or caption contains (#kitchenreveal OR #housegoals OR something else that describes your image or aligns with your caption)

Where you serve, such as #PEI #Pointseastcoastaldrive #tourismpei smile or another location (if you are virtual, narrow it to whom you serve, such as #WAHM OR #entrepreneurs, etc.)

Lastly, be sure to always add your location in the "Location" section of each post. You can do this from within the Creator Studio & Facebook Business Suite scheduling tool or any time you are creating a post on either FB or IG. If you stick to less than 10 hashtags, you should be able to use them on FB and IG without any issues. If you want to use more than that, your Facebook post might look like spam to the algorithm.


March 12, 2021

SEO Basics: Beginner’s Guide to SEO Success

Most of our members have websites for their small businesses, and most of you have access to the back end. If you are capable of changing out your photos, editing text on your website, you are capable of improving your SEO - Search Engine Optimizing. I've discovered an article that goes through the basics of SEO, that is sure to help improve your search results.

SEO isn't that complicated. It's quite simple - or at least the basics are! But the basics aren’t enough to get you ranked, right?

Here’s the truth:

Most people who run websites have a limited understanding of SEO, so you often only need to get the basics right to succeed.

In the attached article, you'll learn the five fundamental steps to SEO success:

1.How to figure out what your customers are searching for
2.How to optimize your web pages for your target keywords
3.How to make sure your website is accessible to both search engines and humans
4. How to get other websites to link to your site, and finally:
5.How to start measuring your SEO success

SEO Basic's Beginner Guide 



March 19, 2021

How to use Canva: A simple guide to the graphic design platform


Have you heard of Canva? It's a graphic design platform lets you create everything from Instagram posts to business logos, for absolutely no cost. Using it is simple and painless thanks to all the preloaded templates, images, fonts, and graphics, and it offers a very well-designed, intuitive, user interface. All you need to use it is to sign up with Google, Facebook, or an email address.

All of which you see in our news letters when it comes to posters, was built in Canva. It does have premium features that allow for you to do more, but all of its FREE features will be more than enough to get you hooked, and your friends/followers will be thinking you hired a graphic designer! 

Have you ever wanted to overlay your logo on top of a picture? Or add text on top of your business banner on Facebook? THIS IS HOW!!! smile

Click here to join Canva

Click here for a Simple Guide on how to use Canva


March 25th, 2021

Top 5 apps to animate and bring your Instagram stories to life

With all the constant changes happening on Instagram, finding creative ways to engage with your audience and share your message has become more important than ever before. Have you ever seen Instagram stories and wonder how we get them to flow, move and transition frames so smoothly? Personally, we use Canva Stories, but here are the 5 top recommended apps to help bring your stories to life! 

Mojo. Mojo allows you to create polished animated instagram stories that look like commercially produced ads. ...

Canva Stories. Many people use Canva on their computers but they have since built a dedicated Canva Stories app for mobile which supports video content. ...

Videoleap. ...

Adobe Spark Post. ...


Click the link to read an article about each, give them all a try and see which one you like best!!!


April 1, 2021

Website Work : How to turn an image into a clickable link, and inserting Points East Coastal Drive's logo on your website! 

In today's social media tips and tricks. We are going to teach those of you who have access to the back-end of your website, how to hyperlink an image. So why not start with learning how to hyperlink our Points East Coastal Drive logo to the footer of your website. 

Its great for us all to be connected to our central hub of information for our regions visitors, but everyone's SEO (google search results) will improve if we are all connected and linked up though our websites. Now not all website platforms are going to operate the exact same, but here is a general walk through of how you should be able to turn an image into a clickable link. 

How to turn an image into a clickable link :

1.Click the link below to download the Points East Coastal Drive logo to your computers files.
2. Navigate to the area  in your website you wish to insert your clickable link. Use the Insert menu and Image to add your image to the page
3.Select (or click) the image and you will see the Image Option dialogue box appear: use the Change link
4. Either choose the page you wish to link to or go to the Web address tab and add the URL you want to link to. In this case, its www.pointseastcoastaldrive.com
5. Use the OK button and your image will now link to the page or web address you chose.

If this is beyond your capabilities, download our logo and send it to your web developer with directions to hyperlink it to www.pointseastcoastaldrive.com


April 9th, 2021

How To Edit A Video Using iMovie for iPhone
(And some tricks you may not have known)

This one is for the iPhone users only! Sorry Androids smile 

A lot of iPhone users don't realize that they have a wonderful app already installed on their iPhone for video editing. Its a basic feature, but it has some pretty cool results. Have you ever wanted to trim the end off of a video, cut a video in half, or combine two clips together into one? iMovie is the answer. I found a great YouTube video of a gal, who explains it very clearly! Click the link and follow along! Enjoy editing, and have fun! 

Click here to watch a tutorial video 


April 16th, 2021 

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Reels

Introducing Instagram Reels: a new way to record 15 to 30-second clips set to music on Instagram.

If Instagram Reels sounds a little familiar, it may be because of the new Reels tab that’s taking center stage on the Instagram navigation bar. Plus, almost everyone is comparing Instagram Reels to TikTok!

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a new way to create fun and engaging video content. Video content is proven to be the new upcoming trend in to help with your insights. Similar to TikTok, Instagram users can record and edit together 15 to 30-second video clips set to music and share them to their Stories, Explore Feed, and the Reels tab on a user’s profile.

You can find Instagram Reels at the forefront of Instagram — taking center stage of the main navigation bar. This is a huge change on the app, and a significant push to have users browse and share Reels more often.

If you navigate to Points East Coastal Drive's Instagram Account, we posted a Reel on Thursday morning at the Souris Lighthouse to a trendy song and filter that's been circulating around a lot on our feeds.

Click the link for the full walk through on the Instagram Reel Feature! Cant wait to see what you create!



April 23rd, 2021

How to Repost on Instagram: 4 Ways to Reshare Content From Other Users

Most social media feeds are almost distractingly busy -- full of photos, videos, and text updates from friends and brands you follow. Instagram is different -- you can only look at one post at a time.

And while Instagram's simple, clean interface makes to easy to focus on users' beautiful photography and interesting videos, it also leaves something to be desired: the ability to easily repost other users' content.

But fear not: for every problem, the internet has afforded a solution. The following article has four different ways to repost content on Instagram in a few simple steps. All of these methods are free, but some require you to download an app from the iOS App Store or Google Play first.

Points East Coastal Drive personally uses an app called Repost for Instagram, which we think is great because it provides a watermark of the original poster, so that followers know who took the picture. Check out our post from Wednesday, where you will see a shared image from Tranquility Cove Adventure for an example. 

Learn more by clicking the link! 


May 7th, 2021

How to Create & Verify Your Google My Business Account

Your free Google business listing (known as your Business Profile) can do more than you think. When properly optimized, it showcases your best features and makes it easy for consumers to discover, learn about, and contact your business. But in order to properly optimize your Business Profile, you need access to it, and in order to access it, you need to verify with Google that you are the rightful owner.

Why create a Google My Business account?

Your Google My Business account makes it easy for consumers to discover, learn about, and contact your business online. These are the core benefits of a Google My Business account, and if that's not enough to convince you, consider the disadvantages of not having one.

You risk losing customers. Without a Google My Business account, you don’t have control over the information displayed in your Business Profile, 68% of consumers would stop using a local business after finding incorrect information online.

You risk a poor reputation. Without a Google My Business account, you cannot respond to your Google reviews, which is a mandatory section of your Business Profile. And with reviews being both a Google ranking factor and the number one influence on consumer buying, being able to manage them is a must.

You lose out to competitors. An empty or bare-bones Business Profile is akin to having an unkept storefront. If you don’t take care of your business, how can consumers trust that you’ll take care of them? They’ll be much more likely to click on and engage with a Business Profile in the search results that has lots of attractive information and looks lively.

Click this link to learn more and verify your business on Google!

May 14th, 2021 

The Ridiculously Awesome Guide to Facebook Live

I can still remember rushing home from high school to watch TRL. For those of you unfamiliar, TRL (Total Request Live) was a live broadcast from MTV studio in Times Square, where the one and only Carson Daly would count down the 10 most popular music videos in the country. I was so impressed by the fact that Carson and his guests were able to appear so calm, cool, and collected on LIVE television!

No, this post is not about my long-time obsession with TRL, but rather a new live video trend for marketers: Facebook Live.

Nowadays live video is popular not just for large broadcasting networks, but also for small businesses. With live video becoming a trendy (and effective!) tool for digital marketers, this guide will teach you everything you need to know to grow your audience with Facebook Live.

If you look at our recent video feeds on Facebook, you'll note that our Live Wharf Series has been a massive hit! One video from Setting Day has gained us 1.4 million views and we gained over 4,500 new followers in the last two weeks. Unreal eh!

We wanted to share our tricks and get some more live action feeds in the community.... are ya ready? Click the link below for pros, cons, and turoritals on how to make the best Live Video Feeds! 

READY, SET, & ACTION! Click here to learn more! 


May 21, 2021

How to Use Instagram Tagging for More Exposure


Want more people to see your Instagram posts?  Do you know if you are using Instagram tags effectively? 

In the article below, you’ll discover the difference between @mentioning an account versus tagging an account, learn how and when to use each of these tactics, and find out how to remove your tag from someone else’s post.

You’ll also learn why and how to apply Instagram location tags and product tags to your posts. Finally, you’ll discover how to combine all of these tags to give your Instagram feed posts maximum visibility.

As always each week we store all our Social Media Tips and Tricks in one storage page on our website.. click this link to see if you can learn something new!


June 4th, 2021

How to Find Trending Hashtags on All Important Social Media Platforms

Hashtags have lots of advantages and can categorize posts and topics on social media. If used correctly, it can bring more likes and followers, more visibility, higher audience and, if you're lucky enough, some clients maybe. If you want all that and you're wondering how to find trending hashtags, we got you covered with a list for multiple social media platforms. 

Whether you use Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, click the link for a full walkthrough on how to discover trending hashtags for your platforms. 


June 11th, 2021

Here's How To Find Out If Someone's Been Tagging You On Instagram


We tag members in Instagram Stories & posts almost daily — whether we want to tag a member in a business post or mention TourismPEI in a story feature, it's an effective way to communicate with the people you follow. But if you're not familiar with Instagram's tagging capabilities, you won't know how to see if you've been tagged in an Instagram post or Story.

Click the link here for an article about how to know who's been talking and tagging you on Instagram! 


June 17th, 2021

How to add music to your Instagram Stories

Today, we’re introducing music in Instagram Stories. Now you can add a soundtrack to your story that fits any moment and helps you express how you’re feeling. Instagram Stories is a huge added bonus to your social media presence, everyone loves to see the behind the scenes action and its great for quick posting and keeping your content relevant throughout the day! 

Click the link here for an article on how to add a soundtrack to your stories! 


June 28th, 2021

A Deep Dive Into Facebook Ads: How to Create, Optimize, and Test Facebook Ads


Facebook ads now come in several varieties. You can promote your Page, posts on your Page, actions users took, or your website itself. Despite Facebook’s increasing focus on native ads and keeping traffic on its site, you can still be successful in sending users to your website.

Learn how to properly perform a Facebook AD, and target your main demographics! Now more than ever is the perfect time to perform Facebook AD's to help spread your reach. 

Facebook Advertising Lesson


July 2nd, 2021


I’m sure you’ve heard stories about entrepreneurs running Instagram ads and having massive success. 

And they probably make you think about integrating ads into your own Instagram marketing strategy.

But just how much do Instagram ads cost, and how do you go about setting up an Instagram advertising campaign? These are a few important questions that I aim to answer.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Instagram ads, including how to set up your first ad campaign on this social network.

Click here to learn INSTAGRAM ADS MADE SIMPLE smile


July 11th, 2021

11 Instagram Tips for Beginners

Follow these essential tips when getting started on Instagram

Let's get back to the basics! 

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. Besides being visually appealing and easy to access on the go, it's also pretty simple to learn how to use it.

The following tips can help you make the most out of your own experience on the social media platform so you can grow your followers and increase engagement.

Click the link here read an article about 11 foolproof tips for engaging your business in Instagram!


July 16th, 2021 

Squarespace 101:
Getting Started on Your First Website

You're a new business owner – you're small, but you have BIG dreams. When your empire does start to grow, are the platforms your business is built on designed to grow with you, or will they crumble under the weight of your big empire of a business?

Squarespace is a website platform that is going to grow with your business, without blowing your budget when you're just starting out. That's exactly why I love it.

So, why should you make the switch to Squarespace? Here are the top 10 reasons to get on board with this platform.

Getting started with Squarespace. 

Squarespace provides beautifully designed templated website that allow you to manually edit and modify all content towards your business. If you can manage your Facebook page, you can build a Squarespace website. To get started with Squarespace, check out the video link below for walkthroughs on how to get started, and every step along the way to launching! You don't have to pay a web developer thousands of dollars to build a website you cant control, take control and mange it yourself with Squarespace! Start a free trail today and start playing around with it > http://www.squarespace.com

Our social media guru Katelyn is always here to help, she's a bit of a pro in this area of expertise! Learn more about how to get started with a video series from Squarespace!


July 23rd, 2021

How to Link Instagram to your Facebook Page

Linking your Instagram to your Facebook page has many benefits, including making it easier to manage your DMs. Its super handy when posting content to cross post on both platforms, and you only have to do it once! 

Starting off if you have an Instagram account and a Facebook page, but they’re not linked, were here to help! Click this link for a step by step process on how to make your social media game even easier to manage! 


July 30th, 2021

25 iPhone Photography Tips 

iPhone photography is getting more and more popular in 2021, especially after the most recent updated product releases.

Whether you have the latest iPhone Pro models or one of the earlier editions (like me!), the most important thing is that you’re taking photos with your smartphone.

After all, it’s far more enjoyable to simply pull your phone out of your pocket to capture a photo, instead of unpacking all your camera gear from your bag.

Your phone is also most likely to be the camera you have on you every single day… and that, after all, is the best camera you could wish for!

In this guide, I’ve included a mixture of tips for beginners and more advanced ones too. (If you’re interested to learn many more, check this popular course out.)

Let’s take a look at 25 iPhone Photography tips that can significantly improve your mobile photos.


August 6th, 2021

10 Ways to Be More Consistent on Social Media

“Consistency is key” is a common saying amongst content creators, influencers, and bloggers. While content is a major aspect of running and building an online business, it doesn’t quite matter as much if consistency is there. Building a foundation on consistency is the key to any successful digital marketing strategy. In this post, I’m sharing my tips, tricks, and strategies when it comes to showing up. Here are 10 ways to be more consistent on social media.


August 13th, 2021

How To Use TikTok For Business In 2021 – Influencer Marketing Tips

TikTok has been creating a buzz in the last few years and continues to grow every single day. Let’s recap, TikTok was launched in 2016 as a video platform where people could share and edit videos. Since then it has garnered an impressive following and is currently used in more than 150 countries. TikTok for Business can drastically help your brand or company acquire new customers and clients.

The TikTok trend is predominantly leaning towards the younger generations. To get an insight as to why most content creators and influencers are moving to TikTok, it’s important to understand that the consumer chart indicates most of the customers are from the younger generation (Gen Z & Millennials). We should all be looking to spread out demographics across the board and the Gen X & Millennials are those who have disposable incomes for travel. 

One local business who is killing the TikTok game is definitely Cherry on Top Creamery from Souris/East Point. She has given her staff control of the content with amazing results, and she can then share across Instagram and Facebook as well > Check out the TIKTOK's they've been sharing here > https://www.instagram.com/p/CRq-C6opsWD/

How to use TikTok for your business! 


August 20th, 2021

Instagram Stories: What They Are and How to Make One Like a Pro

What is an Instagram story?

Instagram Stories allow Instagram users to share photos and videos to their Story — which is visible to followers of the user's Instagram account. Recently-posted Stories are denoted by a gradient border around the user's profile picture. Like Snaps in Snapchat, Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours.

These days, social media is all about documentation.

Where you go, what you eat and drink, who you see, and what's most memorable: These are the typical fodder of Instagram Stories — seconds-long glimpses of people's lives, shared on Instagram for only 24 hours.

Below, we've created a guide for you to learn what Instagram Stories are, how to share them with your followers, and how to make sure those Stories are exactly what your audience wants to see.

  • We'll cover the following:
  • What are Instagram Stories?
  • How do Instagram Stories work?
  • How long are Instagram Stories?
  • How to View Instagram Stories
  • How to Make an Instagram Story
  • How to Use Instagram Stories for Business
  • Instagram Stories Tricks and Hacks

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August 27th, 2021

Instagram Location Tag: Why It Matters And How Can Businesses Benefit From It

Adding a location to an Instagram photo or video can be useful for letting your followers know where you are, without stating it in the caption.

It also helps your engagement rate on Instagram and it will give you more exposure and attract customers with minimal effort.

We are going to explore everything you need to know about the Instagram location tag. I’ll also show you how to create one and how to use it to engage with your target audience.

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September 3rd, 2021

5 ways to name your Instagram account if your brand name is taken

Your finally ready to take the plunge and get your business an Instagram account, but it turns out that someone out in the world already is using the username that you wish to have. Has this happened to you? Its very common experience as Instagram is one of the most commonly used apps in the world. 

As a social media manager, I notice and tag a lot of accounts on Instagram and Facebook page throughout the week. One thing we've noticed is that some accounts have usernames that are drastically different on Instagram than on Facebook. Consistency in branding is essential across the board, and if your Facebook and Instagram names don't match, or worst your desired Instagram account brand name is already taken, here are some helpful tips to make it easier for followers to find you on every platform! 


September 10th, 2021

How to edit iPhone photos using TikTok's favorite formula!


Trust the process!

The viral TikTok iPhone photo editing formula makes life look like a sunkissed wonderland.

TikTok users are finally taking advantage of iOS photo editing features with this "hack," which is less of a hack and more of an editing formula that plays with shadows, saturation, and color.

If you've ever wanted to edit your phone like a pro, but didnt know how, use these cheats below in your iphone photo app, and be amazed with the results! 

Here's the exact formula used to achieve this final iPhone photo masterpiece:

  • Exposure: 100
  • Brilliance: 100
  • Highlights: -32
  • Shadows: -26
  • Contrast: -30
  • Brightness: -15
  • Black point: 10
  • Saturation: 10
  • Vibrance: 8
  • Warmth: 10
  • Tint: 29
  • Sharpness: 14
  • Definition feature: 23

When you're done changing all of those settings, go back to the beginning of the iPhone's editing features and slide the exposure and brilliance back to 0.

To learn the entire process, click the link here!  


September 24th, 2021

20 Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips for 2021

This guide will give you 20 social media marketing tips to help fill your social media calendar and five strategies you can use to improve engagement across your social media profiles.

A consistent publishing schedule is essential to success on any social media platform, but many business owners struggle to know what to post day after day..

Here are some social media marketing tips you can use to build a regular publishing schedule. 

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September 29th, 2021

Become part of the PEI Podcast Culture

Audiences these days are seeking out alternatives to traditional radio — embracing internet-based services like iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and increasingly, podcasts — audio that can be downloaded onto a device and listened to any time. Here's a round-up of some of P.E.I.'s podcasts and what they're all about. Maybe one of them will inspire you to get out the mic! 


The Hidden Island Podcast - PEI Museums and Heritage Foundation 

The hidden island is a podcast dedicated to exploring our past in new and unexpected ways. Discover the hidden history of Prince Edward Island - and find out why that history is still relevant today. Listen in on candid conversations with Islanders about the parts of our heritage that often go unmentioned in history books. 
Available Online : https://www.peimuseum.ca/about-us/the-hidden-island-podcast
 or on your Apple Podcast App & Spotify 

CBC Listen : PEI Pulse 

P.E.I. Pulse brings together the best audio from CBC P.E.I.'s airwaves. Host Mitch Cormier shares interesting stories about Islanders and the things that matter to P.E.I. every week.
Available Online : https://www.cbc.ca/listen/cbc-podcasts/194-p-e-i-pulse
or on your Apple Podcast App & Spotify 


SpudChat - Prince Edward Island Potato Board

Talking about potatoes in Prince Edward Island, primarily discussing research and agronomy topics with farmers, agronomists, researchers and a variety of industry partners.

Available Online : https://player.fm/series/2915747
or on your Apple Podcast App  & Spotify 

Interesting episode of note from Canada's Calling : Travel Stories episode "Prince Edward Island: Exploring Canada's Foodie Paradise " is also worth a listen! 

Hope you tune in! 


October 8th, 2021

Instagram for Business Tutorial
The Ultimate Beginners Guide Video

Do you want to use Instagram for your business but don't know where to start? You're worried because you've never used Instagram before? In this tutorial, you will learn everything you need to know, from understanding how the Instagram app works to creating an efficient Instagram content strategy and understand the performance of your content.

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October 15th, 2021

How to Create a Social Media Calendar: Tips and Templates

Social media content calendars are the best way to plan and organize upcoming content. Find out why you should have one.

A social media calendar is like the Marie Kondo of your entire social media strategy. It sounds like a big commitment at first, but you can rest assured it’ll pay that time back in the future. (Not to mention preventing minor panic attacks.)

Whether it’s a simple grid with a few links, or a bespoke dashboard that can plan out dozens of feeds, your social media content calendar can be as simple or complex as your brand needs it to be.

Read on and we’ll guide you through the steps necessary to make your own, and take a look at some real-world examples. We’ll also list our favorite social media content calendar apps.

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October 22nd, 2021

The 21 Best Video Editing Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

Since the rise of smartphones, DIY video production has exploded. Amateur and professional videographers now carry a powerful pocket film studio to film, edit and publish their cinematic creations. As a result, video editing apps have blown up. With so many apps vying for your attention, we’ve curated the 21 best video editing apps for Android, iPhone and iPad, so you can fast forward to your favourite.

So, you’re working on a video project. You’ve got your idea, you’ve got your smartphone, but you’re inundated with video editing apps and don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Sure, there’s a lot of choice out there but we’ve reviewed the top picks, so you can cut to the chase.

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October 29th, 2021

9 Tips for Halloween Social Media Posts

It’s one of the best seasons for brands to be creative, funny, and witty in their social media posts. During this time, businesses pour in a lot for their marketing efforts to make sure they become relevant and go trending. And that means you have to step up, stand out, and be effective in your online campaigns to grab people’s attention and get them to notice you. Here are nine tricks (and treats!) for you to create spook-tacular and fang-tastic Halloween social media posts for your brand.

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November 5th, 2021 
Canva Free vs Paid (2021) – Which one is Best for You?


What is Canva ? Canva is a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. The app includes templates for users to use. The platform is free to use and offers paid subscriptions like Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise for additional functionality.

Everybody these days is raving about how awesome the Canva Pro plan is – sure it is, but so is the Canva Free plan.

If you’ve tried the free version before, you know what I am talking about. You probably think it is the best online design tool out there, don’t you?

The thought of upgrading to Canva Pro has now hit you, and you are sitting there wondering if it is going to be worth your money - click this link to learn more! 


November 12th, 2021 

20 Social Media Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

Every year, the holiday season seems to come out of nowhere! All of a sudden, you’re met with a flurry of tempting shopping deals and Christmas advertisements left and right.

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is considered to be a time of joy and togetherness, but it's also one of the biggest periods for online sales, and it keeps growing. Everyone, from big brands to small, is competing for the same space across social media, trying to reach out to their customer audiences and prompt them to act.

So if you're looking to separate your brand from the competition and capture the festive spirit in your social media posts during the holidays, then here are 20 great suggestions for you! Click the link below to explore and plan your Holiday Social Media Schedule! 


November 19th, 2021

17 Free Social Media Marketing Courses To Get Your Game On

Learning the most effective social media marketing tips and using them correctly from the beginning can give you the extra push you need. And now it is easier than ever to take one or more social media marketing courses online, from the comfort of your own home. In this post, we have compiled a list of 17 of best free courses that are very useful for any social media marketer.

Learn more and start your social media training today! 


November 26th, 2021

Email Marketing 101: A Beginner’s Guide for Small Businesses Using MailChimp

What is email marketing and why does it matter?

Every marketing channel has its advantages. It’s easy to see the likes and shares expanding in real time over social media, while print and broadcast marketing offer clout. But for more than a decade, email consistently produces excellent results. In fact, your currently utilizing our emailing marketing effectively every week when you tune into our Tourism Information and Updates Newsletter - better yet, would you believe that using MailChimp is actually free!?!

Here’s a quick guide to what email marketing is, why it’s useful, and how it can help your business.


December 3rd, 2021

20 Holiday Marketing Campaign Examples + Marketing Tips for 2021

Every year, as soon as Halloween is behind us, it seems like the floodgates open. Without warning, there are holiday marketing campaigns everywhere, with countless businesses rushing to cash in on a spending frenzy. There are holiday emails, social media posts, and TV ads — oh, my.

It might seem like holiday marketing is out of control. But some brands do it very, very well. If your looking for some holiday marketing promotional ideas, have a peek at the link for some inspiration from the big dogs in the industry! 

Click here for some Holiday Marketing Inspiration! 

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