We start with fishing for mackerel. If we catch enough, and we usually do, we fillet and BBQ the fish on board. If the seals are on our raft, we sail by for a close-up look. They love laying out in the sun!

Before heading back to port we will haul a lobster trap, rock crab pot, and mussel sock, giving you an overview of each fishery. It’s a lot to take in on a 2-hour trip, making for a well-rounded family adventure that covers a lot of what we are about here on Prince Edward Island.

We have a water dispenser on board so bring your own water container if you wish; there are also soft drinks and energy bars free on the boat. We do have a small clean washroom and cabin heaters. The boat has a cover so we still go in the rain. We supply all the gear needed.

All-Inclusive Snacks Provided Free Onboard

Energy bars


Cold drinks

Fresh fruit

Water dispenser onboard – please bring refillable water bottles only.

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