Victoria Leard

Victoria Leard has always loved being outside, whether it was exploring the woods behind her house as a child, or just riding her bike in the driveway. As she got older though, her involvement in sports and clubs diminished her outdoor exploration time. When it came time to choose a direction after high school, Victoria knew she wanted to be in a science field, moving back and forth between Holland College’s Conservation Technology program and the University of PEI, graduating from UPEI with her Bachelor of Wildlife Conservation. She’s gone on to work with the Southeast Environmental Association in Eastern PEI.

The Brudenell River – Any areas in eastern PEI that are near water, are beautiful. Being near the water, whether it is on a boat, swimming at the beach, or bushwhacking through the woods to get to a small stream, relaxes me and takes me away from the hustle and bustle of reality and everyday life. It allows me to clear my mind and explore the areas I love and work to protect every day. The rivers in eastern PEI provide ample for all sorts of recreation, but they are also wonderful areas to get up close with wildlife such as gulls, osprey, eagles, sea birds, seals, and multiple fish species. One of the areas I love most is the Brudenell River. This area can be enjoyed from multiple locations whether it be right on the water or on land. Roma, at Brudenell Point, has a wonderful trail system that takes you right along the river and into the woods. Brudenell Provincial Park is another great area right on the river. Further up in the systems of the Brudenell and other eastern rivers are smaller streams and tributaries can be explored by trails, dirt roads, and off beaten paths that cut through old growth forests. These areas have some of the oldest and biggest trees on PEI and are home to many wildlife species. These small waterways are also perfect for seeing spawning fish in the fall and evidence of water loving species such as beavers and muskrat. Many historical areas and public trails are situated around the rivers and waterways in the east, making them easily accessible and very informative.  

The Harvey Moore Wildlife Sanctuary – Located at Milltown Cross, this sanctuary also has a great trail system with sections of the Sturgeon River running through and two big duck ponds. The site offers a little bit of something for every nature lover. Trails wind through stands of mixed forest which are optimal habitat for a variety of birds, including eagles, and other wildlife. The streams have boardwalks to walk across and are perfect for spotting fish or just to sit and watch the water run by. The two ponds on the site are home to many migrating geese and other waterfowl. Beavers love this area. Dams and lodges can be seen on the ponds as you walk through the trails and if you're lucky you might see a beaver pop its head out of the water. Interpretive signs are located all along the trails and have information about the site, Harvey Moore himself, the vegetation growing, and the wildlife. It is a great place to bring a picnic and spend the afternoon exploring and relaxing by the ponds. 

Knox's Dam – Knox's Dam is the closest thing we have to a waterfall in eastern PEI. It used to supply the Montague area with its electricity and is now a recreation and fishing area. The water that flows over the dam and fish ladder is powerful and beautiful. It makes for a great backdrop for photographers, painters, and nature lovers. There is also a trail known as Keith's Mill trail located on the opposite side of the road to the dam that follows the Montague River all the way to the Montague waterfront. Along this trail there are smaller tributaries that flow out into the river. This trail provides another peaceful and relaxing walk with the feeling of being totally immersed in nature when really, you are just minutes from the heart of Montague, known affectionately to Islanders as ‘Montague the beautiful’.

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