Teresa Doyle

Teresa Doyle is a singer from Caledonia, Prince Edward Island. She has toured from Alaska to Australia sharing music from her 12 CDs. She performs with her very talented son Patrick Bunston.   

Sunday night concert at Rock Barra Retreat – These intimate unplugged concerts take place in a structure built by Daniel Day Lewis and his film maker wife Rebecca Miller for P.E.I.'s first feature film, the Ballad of Jack and Rose. In addition to concerts the retreat hosts unique cultural workshops on this beautiful 20-acre beach side site. The retreat boasts a seven path labyrinth, a Celtic stone circle and a medicine wheel, not to mention a fabulous beach! 

Walking the Dunes at South Lake – There is a secret path that takes you around the east end of the lake, but that's, well, a secret! Best to grab a kayak and paddle across the lake. When I've been out on this remote section of dunes the only footprints were those of a fox. Spend a whole day out on this untouched beach.

Naufrage Harbor – Driving east from St. Peter's, once I get to Naufrage, I always feel like I've crossed over into untamed Prince Edward Island. This is no quaint Victoria by the Sea, but rather a rough and tumble place that feels more like a Newfoundland outport. I love the one lane bridge over the harbor run and the beach is stunning. Watch the surf though, you are on the wild north side.

The One Room School House at Monticello – This tiny school house is decked out in 1850's style complete with desks, slates, blackboards and textbooks. I feel lucky to have gone to a one room school. I think we got a great education sharing a room with eight grades.

Picking Blueberries on the Northside – I love getting out picking blueberries in August and cranberries in October. The fall is when we get the island to ourselves again. The water is still warm(ish) and the bugs are gone, time to get some berries in the freezer.

The Public Art in Montague – the Town of Montague has really put a great effort into celebrating and commissioning local artists. My favorites are Abe Waterman's sculptures.

Wine tasting at Rossignol's – What can I say? My favourites are the blackberry mead and the blueberry wine.



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