Stephen Harris

Stephen Harris is more than an Island photographer who’s in love with eastern P.E.I. He, along with his brother Craig and co-producer Marla Morrison, developed a series of Points East Cinema videos which you can find on the Points East Coastal Drive website.

Where Time Stands Still - I feel extremely lucky to be a visual storyteller. Much of what I do involves people and places and my work depends on both. Assignments change all the time, and I get to travel and explore in some of the worlds most beautiful locations. One of my favourite locations is eastern P.E.I. It’s a place where one can stand seaside and connect with the ruggedness of a wild ocean. It’s a special place, a place I love to work and play. A place where if you can, should come and stay…breathe…unwind…and find yourself.

Scouting Locations - Every photographer understands the internal desire to create something beautiful. Shooting tourism based advertising often demands a strong sense of place. And so, finding that perfect location to set up a scene is essential to the work I produce. I first started exploring eastern P.E.I about two years ago when tasked with scouting locations for a series of television commercials. My team and I had to lock in over twenty different beaches, numerous red dirt roads and lush pastoral vistas that would help promote the Island. I was amazed as just how many accessible beaches existed.

Be it sunrise or sunset, the light in eastern P.E.I is exquisite. It dances from north to south and paints the coastline in a variety of rich colours, bringing to life golden sun kissed dunes, backlit red cliffs, royal blue waterways and lush green rolling hills. It really is a photographers dream!

Little Harbour Beach - Put on a pot of coffee, get up early and get out there to capture that beautiful soft morning light at Little Harbour Beach. It offers amazing views to the east and west incorporating white sand dunes and towering red cliffs. I could photograph this beach over and over again and manage to create something different each time.

Bothwell Beach - To all you romantics out there, pack a picnic and surprise your love with a seaside snack. Bothwell Beach is the perfect hideout for summer romance. Throw down a blanket, lay on your back and listen to the waves. Walk along the water’s edge and hunt for various treasures including driftwood, sea glass and odd shaped rocks. I make my way back to Bothwell several times each summer with my love. It’s a special place for us to connect. 

Be it work or play, I will always be drawn to the place we call down east. A place I feel lucky to document as a photographer. A place that holds on to a piece of you even after you’ve left…the one place where time stands still.


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