Melissa McCarron

Melissa McCarron is a Project Coordinator with Southeast Environmental Association. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of PEI and her Wildlife Conservation Technician accreditation at PEI’s Holland College. When she thinks about her favorite places in eastern PEI, all she can vision are trees and water. She is a worshipper of both individually, but when the two are combined, she says ‘that is truly the best place to be’.

Forest and Stream – I love a well-forested area, with a nice, gravel-bottomed, meandering stream flowing through. The sound of the water, as the wind rustles the leaves above and forest birds call in the distance is tranquil. The healthy stream surrounded by a mix of native trees, shrubs and wildflowers, cannot be beat. Some of these areas described are not that easily accessed, or they are just happened upon as I work, but we are fortunate to have areas throughout the eastern part of the province.

The Harvey Moore Wildlife Sanctuary – This sanctuary is forested land surrounding two large ponds fed by streams of the Sturgeon River. This site is diverse with aquatic and terrestrial plants and wildlife. The history around the site and Harvey Moore is truly fascinating, making the site even more special. Harvey was a true visionary and naturalist, creating a place not only for wildlife, but for everyone to enjoy. It is a must stop site!

The Valleyfield Demo Woodlot – I love seeing big trees in the woods, especially eastern hemlocks and eastern white pine, stumbling upon them always delights me and I cannot help but put my arms around them. Some of the oldest trees in PEI are hemlocks, reaching 200-300 years, the history that occurred around the tree is hard to imagine! The Valleyfield Demo Woodlot is one of the best places to visit to see big hemlocks, with a rare grove of hemlock aged over 200 years! 

The Klondyke Road – There are just pockets of old growth Acadian forest found on the Island, and we are fortunate that many of them are found in eastern PEI. The Klondyke Road is lined with a beautiful old growth forest. Driving this road in the fall is a beautiful experience; the golden bark of yellow birch can be seen throughout, mixed with large hemlocks and pine trees. The distinct call of the barred owl can often be heard. The headwaters of the Valleyfield River trickle under the road, flowing into one of the largest river systems in PEI. The MacPhail Woods also has sections of old growth forest surrounding the Orwell River.

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