Jim Aquilani

Jim Aquilani has always been enthralled with nature. When he was younger, he would much rather roam the fields and woods than spend my time playing baseball and such things. Jim’s parents took him to Audubon Society and National Geographic events where he and his sister were always ‘the youngest there by about a hundred years!’ He is a member of the Sierra Club,The National Audubon Society and the Nature Conservancy of Canada. In addition, he is a member and conservation guardian with The Island Nature Trust and volunteers his time with bird banding, beach clean ups and the like and also continues his immersion in nature as a board member with the Southeast Environmental Association in Eastern PEI. 

The Gairloch Hiking Trail – This is one of my favorite places in Eastern PEI. It’s a wonderful place to solo hike or spend some time hiking with friends. Hiking Gairloch is beautiful in any season. Fall is my favorite with winter being a close second. In the fall, the colorful leaves, cool air and changing bird songs never fail to bring a smile to my face. Winter has its own feel. The quiet solitude of the forest under a fresh blanket of snow is serenity at its best. The woods are full of constant activity from squirrels and snowshoe hare to numerous varieties of birds. Snowshoeing is never dull. Wooden bridges on the trail cross the streams that run thru Gairloch and the sound of the streams is mesmerizing.

The Murray Islands – In Eastern PEI there are scores of outdoor activities, but one of my favorites is kayaking and my favorite place to kayak is around a chain of four islands which make up the Murray Islands, made easily accessible by a series of easy launch sites. All sorts of birds frequent these islands, from sandpipers and terns to bald eagles and warblers. I love sitting offshore in my kayak just watching the activity at the great blue heron rookery. It’s hard to believe that the huge herons nest in the tops of the trees; a beautiful and rare sight to behold. A bonus is the seal colony that can be found cruising around the islands. They make for great entertainment! Birds, seals, beaches and the smell of the ocean. The Murray Islands are a must see!

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