The Knitting Pilgrim at The Kings Playhouse


The Kings Playhouse


Sunday, May 28, 2023 at 7:30pm - 8:30pm


1 hours

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Sponsored by Belfast Mini Mills, The Kings Playhouse Presents:

The Knitting Pilgrim
May 28th



What Audiences are saying:


“A stunning piece of theatre… glorious and so moving.”
– Lynn Slotkin, The Slotkin Letter

“It starts with a guy on a stool, inviting you to come up and take a
ball of yarn and needles from his basket. It ends with you wondering
how to nominate him as a United Nations Peace Ambassador.”
– Colin Noden, Apt613

"This show was transformative… I felt like something
fundamentally emotional had shifted for me. I had never seen
anything like this before in all my years of going to theatre, in all my
years of performing theatre.”
– Olivia Fava, CFMU Radio

“I do not write these words lightly. The Knitting Pilgrim is the most
beautiful show I’ve seen at the Ottawa Fringe. My life would be
diminished if I hadn’t seen it. It is a 15-year response to 9/11.”
– Brian M. Carroll,



The Knitting Pilgrim, featuring actor and knitter Kirk Dunn, is a multidisciplinary one-man show that combines personal storytelling, image projection, and three huge knitted panels that look like stained glass windows, to explore the connection between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The play recounts Kirk’s fifteen-year artistic and spiritual journey of hand-knitting the ambitious project, and looks at why people struggle to get along today, the meaning of art, the hell of grant-writing, and the power of love to overcome major obstacles (and minor mishaps).

This show takes the solo activity of knitting and transforms it into a communal voice for togetherness and peace.

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