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Guide to Planning the Perfect Pet Friendly Road Trip in Points East Coastal Drive

You’ve been dreaming about it forever, and it’s finally happening … you’re planning a pet friendly road trip to eastern PEI! You can almost feel the wind in your hair (or fur). Just imagining all the new sights and scents along the way gives you goosebumps. It’s going to be fantastic! But it will take a little preparation to make sure your pet friendly vacation comes off without a hitch. With our guide, it’s easy to plan a trip you’ll never forget.


Booking a Place to Stay in Points East Coastal Drive


Reserving a pet friendly accommodation can be a tricky sometimes. While more and more locations welcome pets, the degree of enthusiasm with which your pet will be received ranges from an absolute yes to a stern no depending on where you call. Luckily, we combed through all out pet friendly accommodations on our website and organized them all for easy viewing> Click here to see our Pet Friendly Places to Stay!

If you’re looking for some word-of-mouth recommendations as well, we have that too! Starting off with an easy choice, Rodd Brudenell River Resort is leaders in the game of Pet Friendly Accommodations, with their cottages being perfect and economical choice for you and your pooch.

Otherwise, you want a bit more privacy at a cottage where you and your pup can stretch your legs? The Olde Anchor Bed & Breakfast Belle Isle Beach House, Forest and Lake PEI Cottages, Hazelbrook Homestead, are perfect options for those looking for a Cottage or Bed & Breakfast. 

Lastly, camping is much more fun with a pet, if you’re looking to go the camping route, Red Point Provincial Park, Campbells Cove, Seal Cove Campground, are all fantastic choices!


Pet Friendly Things to Do

Now that you’re here, and settled into your accommodation, what pet friendly things can we do in the region? We’ve broken it down for you here with many suggestions >


Tails and Trails

Points East Coastal Drive is overflowing with walking, hiking, and biking trails. Spectacular views, wildlife, and brimmed with Island ferns and flora, each trail will lead you down a new experience!

What better way to benefit both you and your pup than spending quality time together and getting some exercise on one of our many hiking trails.

Boughton River Hiking Trail

Dromore Trail

Forest Hill Multi-Use Trail

Mooney’s Pond Trail

Doggie Paddle

A pup and paddle may be challenging for some pet owners, but if your doggo is up for the challenge you are more than welcome to bring them along!

Enjoy the 50 Phenomenal Beaches with a paddleboard or kayaking session. With water so clear you can gaze at the oceans floor and maybe even see baby lobsters and other ocean life below.

Paddles on Fortune River

East Coast Paddle Adventures

Bayside Recreation

Outside Expeditions

Kingfisher Outdoors Inc.

Pirate Pups

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of…..doggie treats? (Milkbones?)

Many charter tours will allow well behaved and friendly dogs aboard if they are on a leash. Experience the view of the Island from the water (a MUST see). Enjoy the gentle saltwater breeze and cuddle up with your pup for a sail.

Fortune River Charters

The Fiddling Fisherman

Captain Nates Murray Islands Adventures

Farms and Fur

Old MacDonald had a dog and Bingo was his name-o……

Farms and doggies just go together. If you are looking to enjoy some outdoor fun and breathe in that crisp clean air, rest assured your dog can too! If your friendly fur baby is leashed, they are welcome to watch the fun while leashed.

Fortune Bridge Farms & Toby’s Farm Market

Belfast Corn Maze

Licks and Learning

Take a trip back in time….like way back! Explore the Island’s shoreline and learn about prehistoric times and fossils found right on PEI’s red rock!

Archeology not your thing? Fast forward to early life on PEI and learn how these early pioneers survived in the 18th – 19th  century. Walking trails, food and drink, musical performances and educational demonstrations are all at your fingertips…or puppy paws.

Orwell Corner Historic Village

Prehistoric Island Tours

Roma at Three Rivers National Historic Site

Wags and Waterfronts

No fees, ample parking, food and drink, and a picturesque water-view are at your fingertips (or paw prints) at these hotspot locations. Grab lunch at one of the food trucks or restaurants or pack a picnic to enjoy on site.

There are also Artisan shoppes nearby, as well as public washrooms and outdoor seating. If you and your dog are looking for a nice walk there is also a boardwalk at Souris Gateway Park and the Montague Marina runs along the Confederation Tail…. I mean Trail (hehe).

Montague Train Station, Marina & Wharf

Souris Beach Gateway Park

50 Beaches 

We have over 50 beaches in our region for you and your pup to explore. Some are busier than others, but there's plenty of shoreline for you and your pup to discover! Some beaches will require you to keep your dog on a leash, but if you have the place to yourself, let them zoom all over the place! Please note and be respectful of bird or animal sancuraries like the Piping Plovers that are known to our shores, a pup can unintenially do alot of damage if they race though one. Enjoy the beach, pick up the poop and leave no traces behind. To explore our 50 beaches, click here. 


To make your entire adventure alot easier, we have created Pet Friendly categories in our Places to Stay, Things to Do, and Places to Eat. To learn more, click the link and discover all the pet friendly options that Points East Coastal Drive offers to you!  Pick and choose along the way which best suits you and your pup. Tag us on your adventures to be featured on our social media channels @pointseastcoastaldrive

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