Sunday Lunch and Lecture Series


MacPhail Homestead, Orwell


Sunday, July 25, 2021 at 2:30pm - 3:30pm


1 hours

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Enjoy a Sunday lunch at the Homestead followed by an interesting talk. These events are part of our fundraising as well as our educational mandate. The lunch will start at 12:30 and the lecture will begin once everyone has eaten, around 2:30.

Capt. Greg Gallant – Prince Edward Island and The Great War, August 8th
Captain Gallant is the Curator of the Prince Edward Island Regiment Museum. He will present historical facts surrounding PEI’s involvement in World War 1, including regimental details. On display will be artifacts from the war. This is the war that three MacPhail men were active in including Sir Andrew.

Marian Bruce – Scottish Supernatural Beliefs Alive on PEI, August 15th

In her recent book, which is part memoir, part oral history—the author reflects on stories about bad fairies, witch control, ghosts, second sight, divination, healing incantations, attitudes toward death, and other links between Prince Edward Island and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and how they live on today.

Deirdre Kessler, Island Parallels: Marooned and Nurtured, August 29th , Deirdre Kessler will read excerpts from her forthcoming novel, Darwin’s Hornpipe, set in the 1850s during the same era when Catherine Elizabeth Moore Smith married William McPhail and moved to the Scottish community of Orwell, P.E. Island, where she lived for the rest of her life. Her son, Sir Andrew Macphail, preserves the memory of Catherine, of his father, and of life in Orwell in his semi-autobiographical memoir, The Master’s Wife. Deirdre will draw parallels between her novel’s main character, Will McDonough, who becomes stranded on a Galápagos Island, and Catherine McPhail, isolated in a Scottish-Gaelic community. Both Catherine and Will were marooned but nurtured physically, psychologically, and spiritually by their isolation

Peter Metaxas, Mills & Dams of the Orwell Area, September 5th
Peter has had an interest in mills since he stood in John MacPherson’s mill in Belfast many years ago and felt the rhythm of the work. In his presentation he will talk about he design of mills and their importance to the local economy. Sir Andrew describes three mills on the Orwell River during his childhood in the l870s in his book “The Master’s Wife”.

The Sir Andrew Macphail Homestead provides the luncheon and presentation at a cost of $30/person or $25/members. This is a fundraiser for the Sir Andrew Macphail Foundation. The Homestead is located at 271 MacPhail Park Rd, Orwell and is wheelchair accessible.  Booking is essential. Please register by emailing or calling 902.651.2789.

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