Maple Farms Apples Orchard started out as an experiment with government input sometime in the early ’40s. Apples, pears, and plums were started in the years before it was acquired by Bert Haneveld (1925-2008) in 1952. A mixed farm, it went through many changes, through years when apples were $2.00 a bushel, many different crops were tried in an effort to keep the farm in business, forest products, corn, pickling cucumbers, strawberries, bedding plants, and eggs which, for a time was a sustaining force until the late 80s when other family members took over that part of the farm. Plums and pears have over time been removed due to weather or other problems. But apples were the core crop that was the foundation of what is still there today.

Apple Picking is its main demographic, and an annual trip for many locals, with the cheapest prices around for bushels of apples! 

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