Deep Sea Fishing with on Board BBQ - A Fall Flavours Culinary Adventure


2 Kent Street Georgetown


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This educational and fun family event that takes you out on Historic Georgetown Harbour for 2 hours, fishing mackerel, seeing seals and we BBQ your fresh caught fish. Hauling a lobster trap, rock crab pot and mussel sock, giving you a brief description of each fishery.

Date: Every day except Sunday until Oct. 6th

Location: Departure: Tranquility Cove Adventures

Address: 2 Kent Street Georgetown

Admission: $55.00 Adults & $45.00 for 12 years and under

Please book online:

Contact Perry Gotell for further details:

Freshly caught and BBQ-ed onboard mackerel. We add little spice to bring this amazing fish BBQ to a place of asking for seconds, if you catch them, we BBQ them.


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