150 Play List Play Day


Brudenell Resort


Saturday, August 26, 2017 at 8:00am - 8:00pm


12 hours

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Get together with friends and family as this event is open and free for everyone to attend!

Participaction with the help of almost a half million votes, has created a list of 150 Sports/Activities that Canadians enjoy most!

On August 26th at Brudenell, Eastern Region Sport and Recreation will be hosting a "PLAY DAY" where there will be as many of the 150 activities offered as possible! There will be anything from One Foot High Kicks to Building a Sandcastle to Lawn Bowling!

Right now I expect to offer close to 80 different sports and activites for people to come out and try over the course of the entire day! Some activities will be set up for people to do at their own leisure while other sports and yoga/fitness classes will have a specific time. Other things such as horseback riding and kayaking will cost money.

There will be a BBQ set-up and "door" prizes to be drawn!


There's so much to do! #HomeoftheSundayDrive

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